V750 (Non LED)
V750 (Non LED)

V750 (Non LED)


Our base-model vacuum box is designed with efficiency in mind: ergonomic handles, a robust yet light cast aluminum body and all standard safety features.  Available with electric pump, external compressor or air vacuum generator, it is a budget-friendly option for anyone looking for a quality instrument that will deliver confident results.

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    • Designed to API 650/653 recommendations
    • 750 mm (29.53 in) weld inspection length, improves inspection times and reduces operator fatigue
    • Screen glare and shadows from external light sources are eliminated
    • Electric vacuum pump or compressor driven
    • Calibrated vacuum relief valve ensures the correct vacuum is generated, too high a vacuum can damage the vacuum box and cause injury to the operator
    • Superior build quality with robust cast aluminum body
    • Two-stage seal design to improve initial vacuum, especially on large lap welds

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V750 LED
Integrated LEDs
Calibrated pressure relief valve
Built in pressure gauge
Butt and Lap welds
Corner / Fillet welds
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