G2 Related Products A

  • G2 i36 Rexolite Wedge

    Designed for the G2 medium casing range of probes. Standard flat Rexolite wedge for angle beam phased array UT. 

    Starting at  $345.00

  • G2 i0 Rexolite Wedge

    Design for the G2 range of probes. Standard flat Rexolite wedges for zero-degree phased array UT, refraction angle of 0° in steel (LW)

    Starting at  $230.00

  • G2 Irrigation IHC

    Design for the G2 range of probes and wedges. Anodized aluminum irrigation devices for optimized coupling

    Starting at  $340.00

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V750 LED
Integrated LEDs
Calibrated pressure relief valve
Built in pressure gauge
Butt and Lap welds
Corner / Fillet welds
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